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The Wisconsin Chapter of the National Speakers Association and Gateway Technical college have teamed up to present an unique event where you can do good while you get good!

Get tips to improve your management style, employee retention, memory, attitude and your health. Your attendance supports the Wisconsin Operation Home Front (the families of our brave service men and women). Attend one of the four sessions – or all day for just $5.00!

Check out these great speakers (I’m in the afternoon!)

Great Start Session: 9:30 – 10:45 am:

Susan Farrell

Don’t Act Like Prey!  Be Assertive!

Susan L. Farrell, MBA
Our professional and personal success depends upon us being assertive.  If we run and hide like prey (passive behavior), we will never achieve our dreams and goals.  If we attack like predators (aggressive behavior), we still will not achieve our goals because we will kill the relationships that mean the most to us. The balance is to be assertive.  We need to respect and stand up for our own rights while respecting the rights of others.
This session uses stories from encounters with wildlife to illustrate the importance of being assertive to achieve professional and personal success.  Be a bear, not a bunny!

Faye Kufahl

Maximizing Employee Output

Faye Ellen Kufahl
Ever wonder if the person you supervise is just a jerk, or if there are deeper issues going on?  Unsavory behavior at work is contagious and can lead to loss in productivity.
Faye Kufahl’s speech will offer tips on what you can do to identify behavioral symptoms that sabotage profits. She tells you what mannerisms may be related to mental health issues and she gives you step by step directions on what you can do, as a supervisor to intercede.
You will learn specific signs to watch for, and how to address employees who exhibit these challenging behaviors.
Learning these skills will help your business increase emotional wellbeing which increases the bottom line, profit.  These skills will help you to look your best when your team runs efficiently.

Dale Suslick

3 Ways to Get What You Want

Dale Suslick
If you want to grow your bank account, live your passion and control your time then what is missing?
#1. Encouragement.
#2. Accountability.
#3. Small NEXT steps.
It’s encouragement above all else. Simple yet people miss it. And when you miss it, well, you’ll end up missing out!
Perfect for: #1 small business owners; #2 professionals who want out and #3 those who need to think like #1. You’ll leave encouraged with 1 radical way to hold others accountable.  Dale guarantees you’ll leave with 1 or 2 ideas on your NEXT step grow your bank account, live your passion and control your time. 3 if you’re an over achiver.

Move Ahead Session: 10:45 – Noon

Neil Ihde

Secrets to Living Intelligently!

Neil Ihde
Life is complex. We need help to navigate the challenges and major decisions of our lives. We all have blind spots and have made choices that have hindered our personal and professional effectiveness… The wrong job, the wrong partner, the wrong word, the wrong timing, the wrong pet, the wrong thought, the wrong number, the wrong assumption…These mistakes cause frustration, disappointment, heartache and in extreme cases depression and a shattered sense of self. We could all use some perspective.  We need a roadmap.  We need a tiny individual on our shoulder who will sing in a booming operatic voice, “MISTAKE!!!” every time we are about to make another disastrous decision. Secrets to Living Intelligently explores the time-tested principles of those who have lived a great life and how we can apply it to our lives TODAY!

Jim Morrison

There Is A “You” In Success

Jim Morrison
Have you ever been awakened by a phone call in the middle of the night?
Usually not good news. We are all only one call away from a life changing experience. Remember that we define our own success.
In this program, Jim explains a way to define success, the importance of good communication skills in achieving that success and how the skill we use the most is the one we learn the least. He also discusses how important  those closest to us are in achieving success and challenges us all to not wait for the late night call but to make a life changing call to someone else.

Larry Cockerel

An Unforgettable Journey, C.A.N.C.E.R, and how it can add to the bottom line!

Larry Cockerel
Larry’s professional program from his book, It’s not about cancer it’s about you. The program is designed to help professionals and businesses leverage Larry’s experience with cancer by adding to the bottom line and the development of their business and vision.




Matt Booth

Be Yourself – Improve Yourself. It’s an attitude thing!

Matt Booth
To be happy in this world, you’re going to have to be yourself. To be successful, you must be in a continued state of self improvement. Be yourself and improve yourself and be default, you’ll be a more positive person.




Connection Session: 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Larry Cockerel

Larry’s Law of Encouragement:
The Three keys of Encouragement and Winning with People

Larry Cockerel
Larry’s Law of Encouragement was developed to help people connect, communicate and win with others personally and professionally. This program is guaranteed to get you out of your seats and making things happen!




Fear and Respect: Public Speaking for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Professionals

Matt Dodge, PhD
Brilliant ideas aren’t enough.  STEM professionals often lack the presentation skills to move beyond their abstract ideas and concrete data to focusing on communicating the importance of their work. Aspiring professionals must hone their skills to confront the fear of public speaking and gain the respect of colleagues, the general public, and potential investors.

In this interactive public speaking training session, Matt Dodge, a Ph.D. organic chemist with industrial research experience in the pharmaceutical sector provides strategies, techniques, and tools to be incorporated into your presentations immediately and used to advance your career in any technical field.


Laugh and Live Your Dreams


Laughter—it’s a healthy choice
Stress relief and empowerment galore!…. Music, pizzazz, and humorous stories combine with KINZA’s 25 years as an American Belly Dancer to impact audiences on goal-setting, self-esteem issues and living dreams. This unique program is guaranteed to leave them laughing!.


Phil Gerbyshak

Connections Not Contacts: 21st Century Networking Tips for Busy Professionals

Phil Gerbyshak
Do you know about the law of big numbers? You know:

  • The more contacts you have, the better your chance of making a sale.
  • Collect as many business cards as you can, every chance you get, so you can add them to your database and contact them whenever you want?

What about the law of REALLY big numbers?

  • If you can contact 50 people a day through cold calling, door knocking, and business card collecting, you can contact 100 times that many using social media.

Those aren’t laws anymore: Those are LIES! Never before has it been so easy to IGNORE people we don’t know, with caller ID, email spam filters, iPhones, Androids, iPads, and the like. Learn how to connect to and and stay connected with your customers and employees before they IGNORE you like never before.  Let Phil Gerbyshak show you how to be a successful networker in the 21st century.

Power Session (6 for the price of 4!): 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Noah Rickun

Reach Out and Sell Something

Noah Rickun
You’re either in sales or you’re wrong. What are you selling? Yourself. Your ideas. Your resume. Your product. Your service. Your everything. And the better you are at sales, the better you are at persuading others, the more willing you are to go after what you want in life, the happier (and more successful you will be. The bottom line: If you’re not getting what you want in life you’re not asking for it.


Wendy Naarup

Bounce: Stay In Control of the Ball

Wendy Naarup
In basketball the point guard brings the ball up the court and runs the offense.  The point guard controls the game.  In life, you have to be the point guard.  This speech points students in the direction of their dreams and helps them realize their potential to become champions. 
Key Points:

  • Use your coaches: communicate
  • Recruit great talent: you are who you hang out with
  • Have a game plan: you have to see it to be it
  • Rebound: you’re going to miss a lot of shots, the refs will make bad calls, you will be fouled, keep shooting!

Believe you’re a superstar:  become the best possible version of yourself

Dr. Joanne Cantor

So You Think You Can Multitask?
Making the Most of Your Time and Your Talents In The Internet Age

Joanne Cantor, PhD
Are you suffering from CyberOverload? —The dominance of digital devices (e.g., computers, smartphones) in our lives results in repeated interruptions  and unprecedented levels of multitasking. By engaging in a series of entertaining and eye-opening brain exercises and hearing about recent research, you’ll discover the brain’s limits in dealing with this barrage of input, and learn simple strategies for managing distractions and doing higher quality work in less time. Whether you’re a student or are already in the workforce, you need to understand how digital distractions affect our brains in order to work smarter, not harder.


Jeff Kortes

No Nonsense Retention:
Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People

Jeff Kortes
If you knew the key to retaining your top talent… Would you try it?
Based on his book “No Nonsense Retention…Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People, Jeff provides candid insight into the thoughts and reasoning of employees who decide or are contemplating leaving their jobs in various organizations.  Through humorous, real-life stories and interactive participation Jeff has created a program that helps organizations discover ways to gain a competitive edge when trying to retain talent to compete in the marketplace.  He gives you an eye opening glimpse into what motivates solid performers to consider leaving their employers and what gets them thinking that “the grass is greener” on the other side of the fence.

Attendees will hear real life comments that employees will never admit in an exit interview with Human Resources or tell their boss.  This information will shock, amaze and validate many of the things that management may suspect but never hears directly from employees when they leave the organization.  The comments will enlighten participants so they can take a critical look at the retention process in their organizations both strategically and tactically.

Eliz Greene

Get A Move On

Eliz Greene
Feel like you should be getting more exercise, but just can’t fit it into your busy day? Not to worry, being active doesn’t have to mean a trip to the gym! Using her background as an adaptive movement specialist Eliz provides ideas to fit exercise into your busy day and develop an active lifestyle.  Get A Move On in this interactive – and active – session participants learn and practice strategies to be active in the car, at their desk, in the kitchen – everywhere!


Chip Lutz

The Hot Skinny on Leading Mo’ Better

LCDR Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), MSEd, CLL
Vision and leadership – the two words go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the division to the department; from the department to the organization; and from the organization to the nation – people are looking for meaning and purpose. For leaders, when considering the path ahead, you need to ask yourself, “What would Wonka do?” Willie Wonka, that is. His response would be, “Invention (or vision), my friend, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple.” Yes, that’s 105% – but that’s what it takes to move a great vision from concept to reality. This program focuses in how to connect with team members is a “fun” way in order to break down barriers, boost morale, and build a covenant of trust!


Come and join us!!


About Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins. Her down-to-earth strategies to manage stress and improve heart health and reduce stress are used by thousands of busy people all over the world. She is a motivational wellness speaker, author, and job stress researcher. Visit elizgreene.com to book Eliz for your next event.


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