Don't feel bad about enjoying red meat
Eliz Greene

It’s hard to keep track of what we are supposed to eat to have a healthy diet.

I love this video from Funny or Die. It comically demonstrates how difficult it can be to keep up with what is healthy for us to eat.  New study results this week on red meat has certainly stirred up controversy. If nutrition and health experts disagree about the validity of the study, what are we supposed to do?

Michele Payn and I interviewed Leia Flure, know as the Moderation Maven, yesterday for the Food Bullying Podcast. She offered some great insights:

  • First, nutrition science is hard. Human beings aren’t lab rats and it is difficult to get good data about how diet impacts health.
  • Second, Leia says, “All foods fit.”

I agree. Have a steak occasionally if you enjoy it.

So what should you take away from the new red meat study results?

  • This isn’t an invitation to have steak at every meal, but you also shouldn’t feel bad about enjoying red meat occasionally. (This isn’t a new idea)
  • We should all be eating more fruits and vegetable, most of us don’t get enough. Combining produce, whole grains, and proteins you enjoy is the key to a healthy and tasty diet. (Also not new information)

In other words, nothing has really changed because of this new information.  To be healthy, enjoy foods you like and keep an eye on eating the right combination.

Don’t stress about eating the “right” foods.

If you wonder what is the right combination for you (because we are all unique in our tastes and nutrition needs) talk to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. You can find one here.

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