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Bridal Crash Diets Do More Harm Than Good


Recent stories about brides putting a feeding tube down their nose to rapidly lose weight before their “big day” has me shaking my head.


Are we so compelled to look perfect we are willing to risk our health?

I’m not alone in thinking this sort of “diet” is crazy.  Check out this Everyday Health video with Wellness Expert Jillian Michaels.


How do you know if the latest “diet plan” is crazy?  Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does the plan involve some sort of starvation?  Whether it is a feeding tube, a grapefruit fast, or any other deprivation of calories, this won’t work.  Your body slows down its metabolism to compensate for fewer calories.  Once you go back to eating normally – the weight is going to pop right back on.

2. Is this a plan a “quick fix” to lose pounds and then go back to “eating normally?” Permanent weight loss and good health are both based on a well balanced diet. Using tricks to drop pounds and then expecting them to stay away when you resume your regular (and most likely less than healthy) eating pattern is unreasonable and will set you up for disappointment and dangerous yo-yoing of your weight. Choose a diet plan which trains you to eat healthfully for life.

3. Does the plan involve “magic” foods or miracle suppliments? There are no magic potions, pills, or foods to maintaining a healthy weight? Good health comes from eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and low fat protein.

4. Is the plan filled with “nevers”? You can never have carbs, sweets, bread, cheese, etc. Deprivation will make you less likely to stick to the plan. Choose a plan that allows you to deal with the occasional treat, slice of pizza, or whatever you fancy. Unless you have a food allergy, avoiding whole categories of foods is not productive.

5. Does it promise weight loss without exercise? Again, getting your metabolism fired up is they key – so if you aren’t moving your body it isn’t going to work long-term.

6. Does it rely on pre-packaged processed foods? Unless you plan to eat these meals for the rest of your life, you aren’t learning how to feed yourself well. In addition, packaged foods contain chemicals and additives your body doesn’t need and can’t use. The best foods to eat are fresh. Choose a plan which emphasizes fresh meals and limits added salt, sugar, preservatives and chemicals.

7. Is the plan complicated? Is the plan which requires complicated calorie counting going to fit into your busy day? Find a plan that works simply and fits into your lifestyle. Healthy eating isn’t complicated. The trick is to move around each day and develop good habits and strategies for choosing what you put in your mouth.

Crash dieting of any kind is just plain crazy.  Don’t do it for your wedding.  Just don’t do it.

Find an eating plan that works for you, and remember:

Life is not about perfection. It’s about moving in the right direction.

Start moving in the direction of a more healthy you by choosing eat well, exercise, and be kind to your body!

Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene works busy people to improve heart health, so they can work well, feel better, and stress less.

She is a heart attack survivor and the author of the Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart as well as 3 other books on wellness. She writes one of the top 50 health and wellness blogs and is a sought-after heart health, stress management, & wellness speaker.

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About Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins. Her down-to-earth strategies to manage stress and improve heart health and reduce stress are used by thousands of busy people all over the world. She is a motivational wellness speaker, author, and job stress researcher. Visit elizgreene.com to book Eliz for your next event.

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