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Does trying to choose the "right" food stress you out?

In our information-saturated landscape, choosing what to eat has become more and more complicated.  Food stress is the pressure of making the right choice often makes us self-limit choices.  We avoid buying this food because a television doctor said it is terrible for us.  We choose to eat only certain foods because a celebrity lost weight doing that.  Or we stand in the grocery aisle wondering if we’ll be judged by our family, friends, or community because we don’t buy something with the “right” label.

Eating well shouldn’t be this stressful!

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guilt, judgment, and stress out of food?

For years I’ve talked about, and argued about (in a civil way most of the time), food and food choices with my friend Michele Payn. She’s a fellow professional speaker and mom.  She is also the author of Food Bullying, a new book which shines a light on the way marketing and messages influence our food choices.

When Michele decided to create a podcast around the topic of Food Bullying, she asked me to co-host with her and continue our discussion in interviews with food experts.  We talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying.

The podcast will help you reduce food stress and navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family.

What you’ll hear on the Food Bullying podcast:

  • Experts in dietetics, food, neuroscience, farming, psychology, mental health, wellness, agriculture, marketing, and food science.
  • Answers to the most common questions around food – without judgment.
  • Tools to battle bullying found in the 200,000+ label claims found in a grocery store.
  • Ideas for creating your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards when making eating decisions.

My hope is that this podcast will equip our listeners with tools to take the stress out of food choices.

Please check out our latest episodes below or on your favorite podcast platform. We’d love you to leave a comment and subscribe too!

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  • Apples, fungi, & pheromones: Episode 101
    “Everyday life on the farm isn’t always sunshine and roses.” Nick Schweitzwer, a fifth generation farmer from the area known as “the ridge” north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Roughly 60% of Michigan’s apple production are grown in the area and Nick grows over 18 varieties on his farm.  He shares how there are many challenges […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Dietitian + farmer = sweet scent of Froot Loops + cows: Episode 100
    “Go out and get the work done.” If there’s one insight to be gleaned from the 100th episode of the Food Bullying Podcast, it might be this one from co-host Michele. Or that she'd rather smell like her cows, while Nicole wishes to smell like Froot Loops. When Michele wanted to take the Food Bullying […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Farm families, FFA, & the future of food: Episode 99
    If Hannah Craun and Levi Schiller are any indication, the future of farming certainly shines bright. Craun, a masters student at Virginia Tech focusing on cattle reproduction, and Schiller, an Ag Business major at The University of Nebraska, boast numerous awards and experiences in 4-H and FFA. They also share a concern about the misconceptions […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Prune power for brains, bones & guts: Episode 98
    Natalie Mariani Kling is a fourth generation family member of premium dried fruit company, which was started by her great grandfather in 1906 in what is now Silicon Valley. "My family and I are committed to 'inspire healthy living' and being a real solution for busy families trying to eat a little healthier every day." […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Waste not, want not: Episode 97
    Food prices rose 13% in 2022. Yet American's waste about $218 billion of food the U.S. and food is the single largest component taking up space inside of our landfills. RDN Rosanne Rust offers practical ways to reduce food waste in the home to save money and help the environment.  A prolific writer, she’s published […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • It's really soy good: Episode 96
    How is soy a part of your diet? Maryland farmer Belinda Burrier talks about high oleic soybean oil, GMOs, international demand, the health benefits of soy, and so much more in the latest Food Bullying podcast.  Belinda farms soybeans, corn, wheat, and hay in central Maryland, just north of Washington DC with her husband and […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • The plant power of peanuts: Episode 95
    Do you know the latest research on peanuts & allergens? Or that these protein essential grow in the ground? Or that the peanut plant is a legume that is rotated with other crops to help with soil health?  Case Cox Kerr is the sixth generation of her family to farm on the Flint River in […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Overcoming GMO food OMG: Episode 94
    Take the gene as a sentence in a book. Copy that sentence (gene) into another book. Now scientists can put the gene into a specific paragraph. Farmer Paul Hodgen uses this example to explain genetic modification in food. He has worked with GMOs - genetically modified organism - in both the laboratory as an agronomist, […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • You CAN cut food costs & add nutrients: Episode 93
    "Avoid the center of the store...canned food isn't nutritious and filled with preservatives." These are examples of the negative bias put on the canning and processing community, according to our Food Bullying podcast guest Andy Russick. Reality is that canned vegetables and fruits can help you cut food costs, as well as get more nutrients […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez
  • Sweetpotatoes – the super vegetable: Episode 92
    Heather Barnes thinks the sweetpotato should wear a cape because it's such a nutrition powerhouse. And did you know the proper way to spell sweetpotatoes is without a space between the two words? Heather is a Marketing Specialist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. She grew up in the city, but […]
    Michele Payn & Nicole Rodriguez

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