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Eliz Greene

Does trying to choose the "right" food stress you out?

In our information-saturated landscape, choosing what to eat has become more and more complicated.  Food stress is the pressure of making the right choice often makes us self-limit choices.  We avoid buying this food because a television doctor said it is terrible for us.  We choose to eat only certain foods because a celebrity lost weight doing that.  Or we stand in the grocery aisle wondering if we’ll be judged by our family, friends, or community because we don’t buy something with the “right” label.

Eating well shouldn’t be this stressful!

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guilt, judgment, and stress out of food?

For years I’ve talked about, and argued about (in a civil way most of the time), food and food choices with my friend Michele Payn. She’s a fellow professional speaker and mom.  She is also the author of Food Bullying, a new book which shines a light on the way marketing and messages influence our food choices.

When Michele decided to create a podcast around the topic of Food Bullying, she asked me to co-host with her and continue our discussion in interviews with food experts.  We talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying.

The podcast will help you reduce food stress and navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family.

What you’ll hear on the Food Bullying podcast:

  • Experts in dietetics, food, neuroscience, farming, psychology, mental health, wellness, agriculture, marketing, and food science.
  • Answers to the most common questions around food – without judgment.
  • Tools to battle bullying found in the 200,000+ label claims found in a grocery store.
  • Ideas for creating your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards when making eating decisions.

My hope is that this podcast will equip our listeners with tools to take the stress out of food choices.

Please check out our latest episodes below or on your favorite podcast platform. We’d love you to leave a comment and subscribe too!

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  • Food bullying in the pet aisle: Episode 65
    We’ve all seen the ads for pet food featuring happy dogs with happy owners who buy the very best food for their furry family members. But is that food better? How do you know what is best for your pet? Does grain-free dog food make sense or are you being food bullied into buying a […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Why do farmers sign contracts to use GMO seeds? Episode 64
    Did you know popcorn is an entirely different crop than the sweet corn you enjoy on the cob? Eliz didn't! Michele and Eliz welcome Brian Scott to talk about popcorn, sweet corn, field corn, GMOs, and why seeds are intellectual property. Brian is a corn, soybean, popcorn, and wheat farmer in northwest Indiana raising two […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Cancer, chemicals, and feeding your soul: Episode 63
    There is a critical time between diagnosis and treatment when patients are vulnerable and searching for anything to control.  Too often, people receive lots of unsolicited, non-science-based advice about what they should and shouldn’t eat to get rid of cancer. Patients will run with advice, even if it is not supported by science, just to […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Snakes, stigmas, & neophobia in the pandemic: Episode 62
    What role does disgust play in our fear of disease?  Why should we be careful about the language used to describe disease?  Dr. Tyler Davis is back to discuss how exotic foods are associated with “otherness." Neophobia (fear of new things) creates stigmas.  Bonus, Michele expresses her feelings about snakes. It's a great start to […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Fruits & veggies as a love language: Episode 61
    Do you wonder which apple will taste the best, or which is healthier?  Our guest today writes a very popular blog that inspires people to eat more produce.  Lori Taylor also started using TikTok to illustrate how eating produce is love language for your body. Lori is the founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • How to vet information in the media: Episode 60
    Ever wonder if that tasty sound bite on the news about what you eat is true?  Our guest, journalist Kate Delaney, shares how to vet what you hear and why a sensational headline is more likely to get media attention. Emmy award-winning talk show host and speaker Kate Delaney’s talk show "America Tonight" is syndicated […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Chemicals, hormones, and an anniversary - oh my! Episode 59
    Fifty eight episodes have flown by and here we are, a year into the Food Bullying Podcast! Michele and Eliz reflect on the first anniversary of the podcast with a look at some of their favorite episodes. Listen for more insight on nutrition, neuroscience, farming, exercise, GMOs, healthy eating, hormones, science, and wellness. Episode 11: […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Why isn't food raised the way it used to be?
    Social media memes and marketing messages often ring nostalgic for how things used to be on the farm. But were the “good old days” really better?  In this episode we chat with fruit and vegetable expert Gene McAvoy about how farming used to work (and how it still works in some parts of the world) […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • What's the context of your nutrition choices? Episode 57
    Have you ever had an authority figure make you feel bad about your food choices? Are you drawn in by people selling sensation rather than by facts around food?  We talk peanut allergies, low-FODMAP diet, health literacy, and why you can eat a pound of chocolate if you really want it (but maybe that isn’t […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • The family business struggles of agriculture: Episode 56
    Do you know a farm family?  The vast majority of agriculture businesses are family-owned.  Our guest, Jolene Brown, consults with hundreds of farm families each year and shares the stresses and delights of farming. Jolene Brown is a real "Farmer Brown." From Eastern Iowa, she's an internationally known professional speaker in agriculture. Jolene is a […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
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