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Eliz Greene

Does trying to choose the "right" food stress you out?

In our information-saturated landscape, choosing what to eat has become more and more complicated.  Food stress is the pressure of making the right choice often makes us self-limit choices.  We avoid buying this food because a television doctor said it is terrible for us.  We choose to eat only certain foods because a celebrity lost weight doing that.  Or we stand in the grocery aisle wondering if we’ll be judged by our family, friends, or community because we don’t buy something with the “right” label.

Eating well shouldn’t be this stressful!

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the guilt, judgment, and stress out of food?

For years I’ve talked about, and argued about (in a civil way most of the time), food and food choices with my friend Michele Payn. She’s a fellow professional speaker and mom.  She is also the author of Food Bullying, a new book which shines a light on the way marketing and messages influence our food choices.

When Michele decided to create a podcast around the topic of Food Bullying, she asked me to co-host with her and continue our discussion in interviews with food experts.  We talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying.

The podcast will help you reduce food stress and navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family.

What you’ll hear on the Food Bullying podcast:

  • Experts in dietetics, food, neuroscience, farming, psychology, mental health, wellness, agriculture, marketing, and food science.
  • Answers to the most common questions around food – without judgment.
  • Tools to battle bullying found in the 200,000+ label claims found in a grocery store.
  • Ideas for creating your own social, ethical, environmental, and health standards when making eating decisions.

My hope is that this podcast will equip our listeners with tools to take the stress out of food choices.

Please check out our latest episodes below or on your favorite podcast platform. We’d love you to leave a comment and subscribe too!

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  • Roundup, dorm diets, and chemicals: Episode 55
    In this special behind-the-scenes episode, Michele and Eliz welcome Callie (Eliz’s daughter and manager of the Food Bullying Facebook Page) for a wide-ranging Q&A session. Callie Greene is about to begin her second year at Lawrence University, where she studies psychology and harp performance. Callie’s Questions: What’s with all the Roundup in hummus and cereal? […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Feeding kids with confidence: Episode 54
    Food shaming puts undue stress on parents, especially as kids go back to school.  Our guest, Amy Reed, is a pediatric dietitian who is teaching parents how to advocate for the needs of their kids.  Whether your child is labeled as a “picky eater” or has significant challenges receiving nutrition, parents who aren’t confident in […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Cooking, culinary medicine, & comfort in nutrition: Episode 53
    Did you know there is a science dedicated to teaching cooking skills?  How and what we serve at our table makes a big difference in our health.  Our guest shares why she teaches medical students about nutrition. Dr. Jacque Nyenhuis is a chef, dietitian, professor of medicine, and farms on the side. She started working […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Chemicals, creepy crawlies and crops: how safe is your food? Episode 52
    Agronomist Kevin Hoyer joins the podcast to talk about his experience helping farmers diagnose and treat their plants and soil as well as traveling the world looking at food production in other countries.  As a "doctor for crops," he says  “you can be thankful and trust that the products you buy are at the highest […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Should we be afraid of sugar? Episode 51
    Sugar gets the blame for many of our health issues.  Should we avoid sugar? Are there good sugars and bad sugars? Our guest, Melissa Joy Dobbins is a registered dietitian and diabetes expert.  She brings a common sense approach to eating well and says “if people with diabetes can have sugar, you can too!” Melissa […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Honoring choices in food and farming: Episode 50
    How do we honor the people who produce our food when most of us never set foot on a farm or ranch?  Our guest this week suggests the key is educating yourself about the benefits of food and choosing what you want without giving into what other people may think. Joe Anderson is a fourth […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • What does it take to farm organically? Episode 49
    USDA Certified Organic is more than a label.  Our guest, Carolyn Olson, shares the attention to detail and expense necessary to produce an organic crop.  She also shares how raising pigs conventionally is part of their plan. Carolyn Olson is a wife, mom, grandma, and farmer. She is a district director on the Minnesota Farm […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • A farm kid's perspective: Episode 48
    Life on the farm may be a mystery for those of us in urban and suburban areas. One of the best ways to understand where food comes from is to meet the people who grow it.  Farm kids balance school, sports, service clubs, and helping on the farm.  In this behind the scenes episode, meet […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Does an expensive steak taste better? Episode 47
    Does how you feel about a cut of steak or whether it is labelled “natural” impact how much you enjoy it? Our guest, Dr. Mark Miller shares his research on consumer beef preferences and how labels influence what we choose to eat. Dr. Mark Miller is the San Antonio Livestock Show Distinguished Chair in Meat […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
  • Food allergies & food bullying: Episode 46
    Did you know that people can use food to threaten others? When it comes to food allergies, food CAN kill!  Our guest in this episode has great advice on how to truly welcome everyone to your table AND avoid killing someone (or making them sick) with the food you serve. Tracy Stuckrath is a food […]
    Michele Payn & Eliz Greene
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