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Reduce stress by interacting with people who “get you”!

Maintaining positive relationships can be key in managing stress. So, when was the last time you spent time with people who really “get you”, understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it?

Last week my wonderful husband said to me,

“You need to go hang out with your ilk!”

He was right.  Since the beginning of 2012 my days have often been occupied by school board issues. It has been stressful and has sapped my energy and creativity.  While it is important work, it is unpaid and far from my passion as a wellness speaker and author. I needed to reconnect with that passion.

Fortunately the annual convention of the National Speakers Association was in Indianapolis!

How amazing it is to spend time with people who truly understand the nutty world of professional speaking and who are so supportive of me and my work!

Yes, there was great information and I came away with action items to further my success, but the most valuable part of the convention was reconnecting with my passion by being with people who share similar passions.

When was the last time you spent time with your ilk?

Maybe it is taking time to reconnect with childhood friends who remember the person you’ve always been (the person who often gets lost in the busy day-to-day duties of adult life).  Perhaps you need to spend time with college friends to remember what it was like to be a bit more carefree than you are now.  Is it your family, who can help you laugh at the struggles and celebrate your victories? Or maybe, like me, you need to connect with people who do similar work.

Whomever you ilk may be, take time to connect and be reminded of why the struggle is worth it.  Laugh, relax, and tell stories.  Shake of the stress and come back to your world refreshed and ready to re-engage.

Be kind to yourself – spend time with your ilk.  I’m glad I did.

In picture:  Jessica Pettitt, Meg Bucaro Wojtas, Eliz Greene, Patty Hendrickson and Kris O’Shea.

Eliz Greene
Eliz Greene works busy people to improve heart health, so they can work well, feel better, and stress less

She is a heart attack survivor and the author of the Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart as well as 3 other books on wellness. She writes one of the top 50 health and wellness blogs and is a sought-after wellness & stress management speaker.

If you are planning a women’s wellness program, workplace wellness program or programs for healthcare professionals check out EmbraceYourHeart.com to see if Eliz would be a good fit with your organization.


About Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins. Her down-to-earth strategies to manage stress and improve heart health and reduce stress are used by thousands of busy people all over the world. She is a motivational wellness speaker, author, and job stress researcher. Visit elizgreene.com to book Eliz for your next event.

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