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Need creativity and productivity in your next meeting?

Get your people on their feet!

Recently I facilitated a difficult meeting for an association board facing decreasing revenues and a tough decision about staffing.  The organization needed creative thought and an action plan by the end of the day.

They needed to meet on their feet!

We’ve all been trapped in a chair in a never ending meeting… where nothing seems to be accomplished.  People do their best thinking when they are allowed to move and are given enough opportunity to have the small side conversations to build fidelity and consensus.

Using some fun office supplies including flip chart sized Post-It notes, stickers, and markers the group prioritized member benefits, brain stormed solutions, and ultimately created a plan to move forward.  People were up and moving at least once every 20 minutes and the conversations on break or activity time was as valuable as those held around the table.

Studies have shown the health risks of prolonged sitting.  It also has an impact on our ability to think creatively and process information.

How can you get your meetings on their feet?

  • Take It Walking:If you need to talk it out – why not walk it out? Walking with a co-worker and discussing the task at hand will leave you both feeling refreshed and energized.  Plan your path – indoors or out – for a specific time to complete to keep you on task.
  • Use The Walls: Getting your people up and writing on the flip chart (rather than having the group leader record everything), posting ideas on the wall, showing support or priority with stickers or dots are all great ways to get people out of their seats and encourage side conversations.
  • A-Maze:Need to familiarize people with items, products, or tasks? Set up a maze of stations for them to explore.  Dividing into small groups allows more interaction and moving from station to station will break up the information and allow it to sink in.
  • Rock It: Never underestimate the power of music.  The right song gets people moving without them even realizing what is happening.  Use music on breaks, during activities, or whenever you need a break from intense programming.

Meetings don’t have to exist around a table – pump up your creativity and productivity and Meet On Your Feet!

For more ideas to Meet On Your Feet, check out our Active At Work Program.

Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene works busy people to improve heart health, so they can work well, feel better, and stress less.

She is a heart attack survivor and the author of the Busy Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart as well as 3 other books on wellness. She writes one of the top 50 health and wellness blogs and is a sought-after wellness & stress management speaker.

If you are planning a women’s wellness program, workplace wellness program or programs for healthcare professionals check out EmbraceYourHeart.com to see if Eliz would be a good fit with your organization.



About Eliz Greene

Eliz Greene survived a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins. Her down-to-earth strategies to manage stress and improve heart health and reduce stress are used by thousands of busy people all over the world. She is a motivational wellness speaker, author, and job stress researcher. Visit elizgreene.com to book Eliz for your next event.

4 Responses to “Meet On Your Feet”

  • Eliz,

    You have described here some good suggestions for meetings in person, especially in companies or organizations. Research has shown that our brains work better with more blood flow and oxygen from moving, especially walking.
    Attention is also stimulated by variation of body language.

    In 2012 a lot of meetings take place online on Skype or webinars. It is interesting to think about doing that kind of meeting standing up and walking around. I actually do that, although the webcam restricts movement to some extent. We sit too much at the computer these days.

    • I couldn’t agree more – and of course I’m sitting at my computer right now! Good thought about webcam limitations – that is something to think about.

  • Wow, love this idea! We spend way too much time sitting and it can take the years off our lives quickly. There should be a day or month dedicated to this one.

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